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Riportiamo dal sito ufficiale di Heli-Expo i commenti alla fiera appena conclusa:

HELI-EXPO 2013 was a great success! HAI hosted 60 helicopters, 736 exhibitors, and 20,393 attendees, making us once again the world’s largest helicopter trade show and exposition.

我们要感谢所有谁做我们的HELI-EXPO展会现场的地方参展商是垂直航空,,en,还有,,en,赞助商是谁早餐提供与会者的一切,从穿梭巴士,,en,特别感谢所有国际直升机界那些谁前来拉斯维加斯连接,,en,从事,,en,并取得成功,,en,我们希望您度过一个安全和繁荣的一年,,en,看到你在阿纳海姆,,en,照片,,es,在罗宾逊采取的立场,,it,这是新的ROBINSON R66涡轮,,it, as well as the 36 sponsors who provided attendees with everything from shuttle buses to breakfast.

A special thanks goes to all those in the international helicopter community who came to Las Vegas to connect, engage, and succeed. We wish you all a safe and prosperous year. See you in Anaheim!

La foto (scattata nello stand Robinson) rappresenta il nuovissimo ROBINSON R66 TURBINE

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